About MXNS Digital Solutions

As a global scientific group and Food Safety expert, MXNS supports its clients with DIGITAL SOLUTIONS to manage risks all along their value chain.

Mérieux NutriSciences represents a global scientific group, backed by food safety experts, true to upholding its public health mission. The Digital Solutions business unit was created in 2017, as a way to support customers with a suite of digital tools to help manage industrial and health risks that would cover the entire value chain. These solutions were designed to : 

  • Tackle customers’ main challenges along the entire value chain
  • Create a way to easily understand and leverage complex information
  • Develop solutions to allow for real-time management

Digital technology has become an industry priority, reshuffling professions and creating new perspectives on food safety and quality. By investing in digital technology, companies can act early in the process and prevent risks to their product. It’s time to move from food testing to quality management, and Mérieux NutriSciences and Digital Solutions are here to help.


Everyone is talking about the digital revolution and big data, which is giving EVERYONE access to a wealth of information. The expectation for authenticity is being enforced through a relationship of trust with brands. With end customers becoming more informed, consumer activism is taking shape and the industry is undergoing a shift in the areas of:

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How is your company adapting?


Globalization increases the amount of heterogeneous data from various sources. Taken in isolation, this data is useless to companies. But when interpreted in a meaningful way, your data can provide POWERFUL LEVERAGE to :

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By giving meaning to data, companies are empowered to make business decisions that will:   

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Giving meaning to your data requires collecting and organizing it intelligently. But above all, INTERPRETING it according to the specific needs and constraints of every constituent in your food supply chain.

Beyond data, prevention

To effectively PREVENT health risks, a scientific expertise is essential. Mérieux NutriSciences is a partner with roots embedded in science, dating back to Louis Pasteur, and a total solutions provider, from microbiology to chemistry.