Avec Plaisir

(only available in France)

Founded by allergic persons, Avec Plaisir is the first website and application which allow consumers and relatives with dietary restrictions (allergies, intolerances, diabetes, vegan diet…) to find allergen-free places all around France. All theses adresses are providing or able to adapt with an offer without one or several allergens: gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free...

Avec Plaisir aims to help professionals (restaurant, bakery, hotel…) make allergens an asset for their establishment or brand by verifying, training and promoting them towards its community, with a positive, gourmet and transparent communication.
Being on Avec Plaisir will allows you enhance your visibility towards a new target customers and benefit from a reliability and quality guarantee.



The restaurants, recommended by Avec Plaisir, are verified and are fully committed to respect the quality charter of the platform.


An Easy Search

A comprehensive, gourmet and varied offer of establishments that offer products without allergens (gluten, lactose, egg, etc.) : restaurants, bakeries, hotels, shops, ... everywhere in France.


A Social Moment


A way to share a good time with friends or family in the restaurant, an afterwork with colleagues, by easily avoiding alergens


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