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To stay competitive in a global market, food processors have to bring new products to the market that fit with the ever-changing expectations of consumers. On top of creating the perfect recipe, companies want to work with the best suppliers to ensure that the product's promises are met and the criteria on your labels are correct. This means that you need point-in-time and trending information to assess your supplier performance and your products conformity once launched in the marketplace.
QualMap supports your needs with:

  • Scorecard to rank co-manufacturers and suppliers by conformance to specifications
  • Ability to drill into supplier, plant, product category, product and test level to easily identify issues
  • Gain access to plant production quality data
  • Ability to create alerts for critical issues


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QualMap provides full access to historical data and analytical tools to assess suppliers performance and products' criteria trending. Real-time alerts are generated when products are out of specification, and thanks to the communication with suppliers, it accelerates deviations identification, investigation and correction.

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Quality Management Director
With QualMap, we can form decisions from facts, not opinions.
Quality Management Director
The amount of time it took to gather and consolidate our data often prevented me from doing the analysis. With QualMap it takes me less than 30 minutes
Brand Manager
With QualMap, we were able to share 10,000+ data point with statisical capability in less than 5 minutes.