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Drive Supplier Operational Excellence & Product Consistency

Many restaurants have challenges surrounding operational execution. Ensuring consistency across units is key in the Food Service industry. How can you drive consistency across multiple suppliers producing the same product?
QualMap supports your needs with:

  • Product performance dashboard to view production data at a granular level
  • Ability to drill into supplier, plant, product category, product and test level to easily identify where you have issues
  • Supplier Scorecard to rank suppliers by conformance to specifications


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Collect and integrate the data you need from suppliers via a simple upload portal. The QualMap team will work with your suppliers to customize uploads for each plant. Data visualizations allow your team to easily identify conformance issues for follow up. Your suppliers have access to the same data and dashboards allowing you to have data-driven discussions on product quality improvement.

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Our Customers

Quality Management Director
With QualMap, we can form decisions from facts, not opinions.
Quality Management Director
The amount of time it took to gather and consolidate our data often prevented me from doing the analysis. With QualMap it takes me less than 30 minutes
Brand Manager
With QualMap, we were able to share 10,000+ data point with statisical capability in less than 5 minutes.