Environmental monitoring has never been easier


Let's face it, in today's high-tech world you need software to record and manage your outdated or overwhelming environmental procedure.
Manually picking sites and searching through spreadsheets for archived data causes more frustration than it is worth. Are your ready to take your environmental sampling to the next level?
You've come to the right place. EnviroMap is a secure, cloud-based system that is transforming environmental monitoring across the food industry, providing users effortless systematic tracking and traceability.

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Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program by using :

  • Automated scheduling
  • Automatic prescription of corrective actions
  • Results mapping
  • Real-time out-of-spec notifications
  • Executive and plant dashboard
  • Tracing of activities


What Are The Benefits to Your Business?

Return on Investment of Testing

Our Customers

Kimberly Fisher Corporate Food Safety Manager at Wayne Farms
Within EnviroMap, The ability to print the SARFs and locations to sample allowed us to streamline and standardize our process. We've significantly reduced the chance for human error in our environmental monitoring program.
Sharan Lanini Director of Food Safety at Pure Pacific Organics
EnviroMap is a great tool... if you're not using it, I honestly don't know why.
Quality direction Quality Management team at Cérélia
Thanks to EnviroMap, I have standardized the control plans of my various sites and I can assist them more easily. We can visualize more easily our daily tasks and save time by automatically generating and fulfilling purchase orders.
Tim Tisdale Manager of Quality at Thermo Pac
EnviroMap easily saves us a significant amount of time weekly, and the cost savings we are incurring are far exceeding our expectations. It’s pretty amazing.

Functionality of EnviroMap

1. Intelligent Scheduling

A program that 
automatically schedules the samples you need when you need them. Never forget a follow-up again!

View your schedule in advance as an easy to manage list mapped to your plant floor.

An intuitive drag and drop interface to 
effortlessly manage unexpected events.

2. Corporate Dashboard

Oversite of the environmental programs of 
multiple facilities presents additional challenges. Access to data and communication of non-conformance results in real time is limited and dependent on multiple sources.
With Enviromap's corporate dashboard, you can leverage access across your facility, and co-manufacturer network in one platform to make decisions.

3. Predetermined Corrective Actions

Setup corrective actions that activate 
predetermined re-swabbing schedules as soon as a sample is submitted as out-of-limits or positive.

Enviromap   also   gives   you   the   ability   to   designate   things   like   investigative   sites,   workflow    stoppage   and   perimeter   re-swabbing   criteria.

4. Notifications

Enviromap provides an unparalleled system for 
schedulingsubmittingrecording and tracking any environmental sampling procedure no matter where you are.


5. Real Time Data Analytics

Be proactive and control your environment thanks to our 
realtime data and chart results.

With Enviromap, customized reports can be generated on demand or at a scheduled time of your chosing from real time data.

Traditional reporting formats are available including grids, pie charts and bar charts.In addition, our interactive result maps plot data linked to your environnmental sites to assist in decision making regarding mitigation and corrective actions for at risk locations.

6. External LIMS Integration

EnviroMap will 
integrate with almost any existing LIMS on the market. If we don't already offer integration with your LIMS, our software development team will make sure it happens.

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Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program with EnviroMap

Want to take your environmental monitoring program to the next level? Implement EnviroMap at your facilities to schedule, map and track your microbiological environmental sampling procedures.