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As quality managers, your primary quality indicator is most likely the number of complaints received from your customers and your ability to address them in a timely manner. 

You may very well have a robust system in place to collect and respond to complaints, but what about the investigation and the collaboration with your stores or suppliers?
QualMap supports your needs with:

  • Ability to collect and aggregate all your complaints
  • Share the data with your suppliers and collect their feedback
  • Dashboard to visualize your KPIs and drill into your data
  • Benchmark your suppliers



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Collect all your quality data into one place and use QualMap drill in and statistical capabilities to Identify the root cause, Identify when the issue started to occur, Define corrective actions and ensure deviations are fixed.

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Our Customers

Quality Management Director
With QualMap, we can form decisions from facts, not opinions.
Quality Management Director
The amount of time it took to gather and consolidate our data often prevented me from doing the analysis. With QualMap it takes me less than 30 minutes
Brand Manager
With QualMap, we were able to share 10,000+ data point with statisical capability in less than 5 minutes.