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Isolating critical pieces of information can be cumbersome, but when identified, it brings prominent value through insights and risk mitigation. Food safety and quality professionals are often focused on product performance trends over time, and even with a strategic food quality and safety monitoring program, critical values can get lost when trending big data. What if you could find anomalies easily using a tool, versus having to review thousands of data points daily?
QualMap supports your needs with:

  • Scorecard to rank facilities by conformance to quality parameters
  • Ability to drill into plant, product category, product and test level to easily identify where you have issues
  • Gain access to plant production quality data
  • Ability to create alerts for critical issues

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Using a tool to collect and integrate quality data, your team can work with plants on their capabilities to produce to your specifications. A statistical tool will allow teams to utilize large amounts of plant production data instead of relying on small samples to ensure products can be manufactured to requirements. You can closely monitor your products to look for drift in quality using threshold-based notifications.

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myMXNS is providing you with reliable and timely information to make informed business decisions about your products
It allows you to access the status of your samples in real-time and create personalised reports.

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