Environmental Monitoring Management

Make use of your Historical Data

It can be challenging to structure and analyze all the date you have collected over the years of your plant. Even more challenging is to analyze trends in your factory and to manage your KPI's thanks to the selected data. 
With EnviroMap you can analyze data and charts results directly on the platform using the charting feature, or export desired data into Microsoft Excel and do your reporting form there.

EnviroMap supports your needs with: 

  • A view of your complete samlping history, over your foor plan, within a specified date range
  • Color codes on your results map
  • Trend analysis 
  • Automatic reports that are sent to your email 
  • Calculation of pourcentages out of limite, per zone, ... 


How can EnviroMap help you analyze trends and manage the KPI's in your factory? 


You can analyze data and chart results directly in EnviroMap using the charting feature, or export (automatically) desired data into Microsoft Excel. 


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