Manage & Solve Complaints and Non-Conformity

As a retailer, you are responsible for the quality of multiple products sold under your private brand. This includes being aware of deviations, assessing the severity, contacting your suppliers and chasing them until an action plan has been defined and implemented. This work is heavily manual and impacts the productivity and reactivity of your quality team.
Our solutions help you:

  • Collect all your complaints and tests results from multiple sources
  • Be alerted in real-time
  • Speed up the investigations
  • Ensure deviation has been corrected
  • Assess your supply chain performance and the opportunities for improvement


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QualMap provides all the tools to collect data and generate real-time alerts. Individual access can be provided to each site and suppliers, drastically speeding up deviations investigations and correction. Finally, you can visualize analytics and build custom reports.

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Our Customers

Quality Management Director
With QualMap, we can form decisions from facts, not opinions.
Quality Management Director
The amount of time it took to gather and consolidate our data often prevented me from doing the analysis. With QualMap it takes me less than 30 minutes
Brand Manager
With QualMap, we were able to share 10,000+ data point with statisical capability in less than 5 minutes.