Go Beyond The Spreadsheet

Does your Supply Chain management have you buried in manual reports? Do you spend too much time managing spreadsheets instead of managing your business? Are you worried about the risks to your brand that you might be missing as a result?
With QualMap, we have built a solution that lets you manage all aspects of your supply chain with quick-access dashboard reporting. Whether you are in the food service, retail or food processing space, our web-based application will help you monitor your products, your ingredients and your overall supply chain to keep you informed on how your brand is performing and mitigate risks early.

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A Data Solution for Food Experts, by Food Experts

  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Configurable & interactive dashboard for high-level monitoring
  • Track conformance to customer & corporate requirements
  • AN EXPERIENCED PARTNER in the food insdustry
  • A SCIENTIFIC PARTNER to effectively PREVENT health risks
  • A GLOBAL PARTNER to build comprehensive prevention strategies

The QualMap Solution

Go from innudated with data - to information rich

Our Customers

Quality Management Director
With QualMap, we can form decisions from facts, not opinions.
Quality Management Director
The amount of time it took to gather and consolidate our data often prevented me from doing the analysis. With QualMap it takes me less than 30 minutes
Brand Manager
With QualMap, we were able to share 10,000+ data point with statisical capability in less than 5 minutes.

From Detection to Prevention

1. Data Normalization

Gain a broad view of your product and supplier performance by joining data from all of your food quality and safety sources. Our team of data experts analyze and cleanse the technical data across your food safety & quality programs. We create a master directory as the foundation for integration of the multiple data sets. Once the data has been loaded into QualMap, users can opt for an overall view of the aggregated data or display it side-by-side for comparison.

2. Dashboard Reporting

View your products, commodities and supplier information in one location. Only see the data that is important to you and your role. Whether it's executive-level information or a plant-level user, we work with you to help make sense and visualize the complexities of your supply chain. Each visualization is user-configurable and puts you in control of the information that is relevant to managing your business.

3. Statistical Analysis

From mitigating risks to reducing costs, monitoring trends in your data provides valuable insights into your product and supplier performance. Our product performance dashboard allows you to quickly identify trends before they become a problem. Using data distribution and process capability, quickly identify which suppliers are trending away from target. 

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You're in the food safety and quality business. So are we. We have expanded that business by creating a digital solution to house all your technical data in one organized, easy-to-use tool. Backed by decades of industry experience and best practice know-how, we bring you QualMap so you can spend less time sorting data in spreadsheets, and more time exceeding your food safety & quality initiatives

QualMap: Go Beyond the Spreadsheet

This video will introduce you to the concept of QualMap and the value it brings to the Food Safety & Quality managers.