Environmental Monitoring Management

Reduce the Impact of Quality Staff Turnover

When employees of the quality department are absent, it is often difficult to follow up the daily tasks and to make sure that mitigation is taken care of.
When hiring new quality manager, it can also take a while to train the people and make sure they understand how the EMP works in the factory.

EnviroMap supports your needs with: 

  • Centralization of all the quality information
  • Automatic mitigation program
  • Plant map with picture explaining how and where to do the swabs
  • An easy tool to manage your EMP 


How can EnviroMap Help Manage Your Quality Employees?

This is how EnviroMap can help you

Thanks to EnviroMap you do not have to worry any longer when employees of the quality department are absent. 
All quality information is centralized and mitigation will happen automatically.
When hiring new employees, the platform will help you through the plant map and the pictures that show how and where to swab

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